Denon DN-9000 Pro Dual CD Player DJ DN9000
EUR 250

The DN-D9000 is a dual CD player consisting of two sections, a control interface and a two-player unit. For the DJ it offers many innovations. Primary among them is the ability to play two tracks simultaneously from the same disc. Additionally, when both the main and monitor outputs are connected to a mixer, the sub track can be monitored separately. Another function, "A-B Splice" removes unwanted sections of a track seamlessly in real time. Constant digital out means that when connected to a digital mixer, sound quality is not compromised as playback speed is changed on the DN-D9000 . The unit reads finalized CD-R/RW discs and four hot-starts are available from any CD or CD-R/RW. Up to four seamless loops per track or disc can be created along with six stutter cue play points. Up to a total of fifteen seconds of sampling is available across the two samplers per each drive and up to four of six effects can be selected. Five platter modes are also provided that include drag, brake, echo, reverse and dump. There is an auto or manual BPM counter, a memo function for storing up to 5,000 points and pitch bend and pitch control. Illuminated action buttons and drive trays aid the DJ in low light environments. For field service and instant maintenance, the DN-D9000 allows for user replaceable drive, so in the event of malfunction, there is virtually no down time

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